Hi my name is Michael and I am 32 years old and I am currently learning HTML and CSS
and other computer languages to create websites. I live in a medium large
city in southern parts of Sweden in Europe with my girlfriend and my lazy cat.
I have lived here for about 12 years now and I grew up just outside this city in a
small village. I grew up together with a younger brother and an older sister.

I've loved computers since my family first bought one when i was a little kid, I was
between 13-15 years old back then. My family was not as interested in computers as I came
to be. I had no one close by whome I could learn computering skills from so I had no choice
than teach myself, and it was hard. After school I played soccer 3-4 times a week and after
the homework from school there was not that much time left over to just sit at the computer
all day learning new things so my family and I used the computer mostly for games and just
surfing the internet. But ever since we got the first computer I have been wanting to create
a website but I just never got around doing one. Until now! Check out my learning progress here!

My progress was Last updated May 27, 2018

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Here is a list of my favourite hobbies today:

This website is going to be my own personal gaming blog/website where I store all kind of information that I want to share and have an easy and fast access to
while I play or if I'm just trying to figure out what to do next time I play a specific game. I will also try to keep my website visitors updated of my different progresses
in the games by adding a blog page further ahead when I've learned how to and where I should put it!

Here are the games that I am playing and you can click on the game name to access my information page for that game:

  1. Entropia Universe
  2. Elder Scrolls Online
  3. League of Legends

You can click the pictures below to go to the games webpage or here to check my rank information in League of Legends:


My web development progress

Last updated May 27, 2018

Thank you for showing interest in my website and the progress I am making in the world of Web Development by visiting my website!

I have been quite busy lately and I just have not had the time to do any adjustments to the website. I just started section 2 in the course "The Complete Web Development Course 2.0". But here is some updates of my progress in the form of text:
A few weeks ago, with 17 questions right out of 20, I finished the first certificate exam that comes with the course, called "HTML Level 1" and I feel very satisfied completing it in the first try, even if I got 3 questions wrong. I had some problem to understand a few questions though, some of them I was lucky to guess the right answer to, and some I didnt. I am looking into these questions and trying to understand them, I'll keep you updated how it goes with those!

But for now I am continuing the second section of the course with the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Ive learned about color styling and floating etc and I really like it alot because you can do so much with this knowledge on a website and I am going to update my website with some CSS when I get the time for it, and when I'm more comfortable with it.

Here are some things im trying to focus on for the website:

Take your safety googles on because here are work in progress!

Want to know where I'm learning all this cool HTML stuff and/or how far I have come in web development? Click the buttons below to access the respective page!